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Docs and More helps our customers “Fill In The Blanks” of all kinds of documents needed to improve their life, business, and future.

Family Relations Documents

Divorce/separation, Parenting Plans, Child Support, etc.
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Small Business Documents

LLC Creation & Agreements, Registered Agent, etc.
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Real Estate Documents

Purchase, Sale, Lease Agreements, Deeds, etc.
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Wills, Trusts, Probate, etc.
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Docs and More helps you fill in the blanks of all the forms that come up in your life!

Helping our customers “Fill In The Blanks” of all kinds of documents needed to improve their life, business, and future through best-in-class document production and creation.  We are a dedicated team of professionals who understand the need for properly completed paperwork.  Our experience includes Law Office documents from divorce to child custody to estate and probate.  And our Real Estate team has vast experience in all types of real estate documents and forms.  We are here to help and want to make sure that you succeed at any project you have.

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Divorce or Legal SeparationDivorce or Legal Separation

The divorce or legal separation process is a very traumatic event for all involved. When ending the marriage or starting a legal separation, decisions about custody, support, and the division of assets and debts will need to be addressed. If you want to go through this process as easily as possible, without seeing the inside of a courtroom, without wasting thousands of dollars, without stirring up negative emotions, we can help you.

Child SupportChild Support

When minor children are involved in any type of divorce, separation, or custody case, support is an issue.  And the child support order is likely to change several times until the minor children are no longer under the court’s jurisdiction.  It doesn’t matter if you need to establish or modify a child support order, we can help to complete the documents and help.

Parenting PlanMaking a Parenting Plan or Agreement

Your parenting plan or custody agreement outlines how you and the other parent will continue to care and provide for your children after you separate. An effective plan is personalized to fit the needs of your family situation and contains details like parenting time schedule, legal custody, medical and health care, education and extracurricular activities, and many more.

Child Custody DocumentsChild Custody Documents

Docs And More helps people file documents to establish or modify child custody. We will provide the most professional and competent service you can get from a document preparation company.  It doesn’t if the child custody is part of a divorce, a legal separation, or through the Department of Child Support Services for a parental obligation, we are qualified and experienced to prepare your documents.

AdoptionWhat is an Adoption?

The purpose of an adoption is to obtain a court order establishing a legal parent-child relationship. We help with stepparent adoptions, independent adoptions and adult adoptions.  Our team has helped countless clients prepare their adoption documents over the years. We are knowledgeable and experienced with the adoption process so you can be sure that your adoption documents are correct and no time is wasted.

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IncorporationsIncorporations/LLC Creations

Do you need to set up a Limited Liability Company(LLC), a C Corporation, or an S Corporation?  We take care of everything to form your new business entity. From start to finish, our Team handles everything from securing your name and any DBAs, to filing your initial paperwork, to drafting your bylaws/operating agreement, to assisting with IRS, State, and local requirements.  We even act as your Registered Agent in the State of Washington.

LLC Operating AgreementLLC Operating Agreement

Now you have your name and your state approval, so how do you get that Operating Agreement so you can open the bank account and actually protect you and your family from as much business risk as possible?  An LLC operating agreement sets out all the important ground rules for the structure and operations of an LLC. It helps prevent members from taking on personal liability for the debts of the company and avoids the confusion that often occurs when LLC members and managers do not understand their rights and duties.  We can help!

Registered Agent ServiceRegistered Agent Service

Do you require a professional and reliable Washington Registered Agent service for your Limited-Liability Company (LLC), Corporation or other business entity? If so, you have come to the right place!  In the state of Washington, Docs And More is listed as a Commercial Registered Agent on the Washington Secretary of State website.

Employee ManualWhat is Employee Manual?

With an Employee Manual, sometimes called an Employees Policy Manual or a Staff Manual, you can provide a basic outline of each employee’s responsibilities, as well as an explanation of their rights and privileges. In the document you can detail the following: the length of an introductory work period, internet policy, personal emails, social media policy, harassment complaints, paydays, insurance benefits, vacations and personal leave, and the dress code.  We can help you with a first time manual, a review of your current manual, or even individual policies.  Contact us today!

Identity TheftIdentity Theft/Personally Identifiable Information Security Policy

Does the risk of Identity Theft(IDT) or having your company breached by hackers for clients Personally Identifiable Information concern you?  Do you have a Sensitive and Non-Public Information Policy in place?  Have you done an Identity Theft/Personally Identifiable Information Security Business Risk Self-Assessment in the past 12 months?  Our team, which includes an ex-law enforcement officer and a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist(CITRMS), can assist you and/or your business with this.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!

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Real Estate PurchaseReal Estate Purchase Agreement

A real estate purchase agreement is a contractual agreement between two parties conducting a real estate transaction. By setting out all the terms of the deal, this agreement clarifies the buyer’s and seller’s expectations and helps bring the transaction to a closing.  The agreement will lay out all of the required details, including the full names of the parties, the location of the property, the purchase price, the closing date, the mortgage and escrow specifications, and any other specific considerations of the parties.

Residential LeaseResidential Lease/Rental Agreement

A residential lease or rental agreement clearly defines the relationship and expectations between a landlord property tenant. It is vital to have a strong agreement that can ensure that the parties’ interests are well protected.  Docs And More’s residential lease agreement provides the most comprehensive protection available while still giving you the flexibility to customize it however needed. Our team guides you step-by-step, helping you decide all the important terms, including the length and type of lease, payment terms, security deposit, fees, utilities, and more!

Deed of TrustDeed of Trust

A deed of trust, like a mortgage agreement, creates a lien on real estate as collateral for a loan. Deeds of trust are always accompanied with a promissory note, which identifies the terms of repayment in detail.  If the borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the lender can foreclose on the property.  Docs And More can assist you with a deed of trust, a mortgage agreement, or a promissory note so contact us today.

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Last Will and TestamentLast Will and Testament

A last will and testament is used to distribute a person’s possessions and provide directions to family, friends, and loved ones when the person dies. If you are over the age of 25, it’s important for you to have a will, even if you don’t own many assets to give away. A properly completed will ensures that the people you care about will know your wishes after you pass.

Revocable Living TrustRevocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust is a powerful and essential estate planning tool used for securing a person’s assets during their life and then efficiently transferring those assets upon their death. One huge advantage of this document is that the assets in the trust will avoid probate court upon the death of its creator.

Durable Power of AttorneyDurable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is designed to give another person the power to make important decisions on your behalf, such as decisions regarding your financial, real estate, and business affairs.  Docs and More’s team will help ensure that the important matters in your life will be handled how you want.

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